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My personal response to markdown

As developer I started with Markdown few years ago, when GitHub started trending.
I’d like to remember the true Markdown father John Gruber and the his Markdown post.

I started using the Markdown syntax almost for everything and if you aren’t doing so, please you have to.

It’s a great too, it makes possible to write HTML knowing nothing about that.

You can use a simple text editor, and most important, it can be “embedded” in whatever website, desktop app or mobile.
Seriously, they should teach it in school.


More than once I had to create css styles for the html result of markdowns, and you probably know I’m talking about the most important html tags: <h[1-6]>, <p>, <ul|ol>, <blockquote>, <code>, <pre>, <em>, <a> and few others.

Then I thought I would be cool to create a css that would dress up everything like the plain markdown source.

check it out

That’s why I created i-love-markdown.css.

i-love-markdown.css homepage

I started with a simple css then ended up with a less file and a container so it’ll be easy to integrate it with existent websites.

After I finished I googled a bit for something similar and I discovered many others had my same idea…

One of my favorites is: markdown-css (